Heirloom Potatoes


2 & 10 pounds

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I have grown a few white varieties of heirloom potatoes this year.  First is Bintje a great all around potato from the Netherlands.  The second is German Butterball- one of my regular varieties that I like.  They are both very flavorful- much tastier than the grocery store.  Given that commercial (non-organic) potatoes are usually treated with a lot of chemicals I do not personally eat anything but organic spuds.  Since I have more of these than the purple, I am pricing them lower to keep my storage available for other things too.  Buy in 2 lbs increments or save a few dollars and choose 10 lbs- they will keep for months.  Choose a specific variety or a mix so you can decide your favorite.

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2 lb, 10 lb


Bintje, German Butterball, Mix