Benefits of Earthworm Castings (Vermicompost)

  • Mixed into potting soil results in faster germination and plant growth, and increases crop yield due to presence of plant growth hormones.
  • Worm castings also contain humic acid– Humic acid frees up nutrients present in the soil, making them more available for uptake by plants.
  • Helps repel pest insects
  • Fights diseases
  • Increases plant blooming

How To Use Castings

  • Mix into potting mix at a rate of 5-20% by volume
  • Make worm tea-  use a 5 gallon bucket, a mesh bag, and a fish tank bubbler for 24 hrs.
  • Spray finished tea onto plant leaves or water plants with tea within a few hours

Care of Castings

  • Keep in cooler darker conditions such as indoors until use
  • Don’t allow them to dry out
  • Don’t store in sealed container such as plastic bag

Buy Worms and Castings

You can purchase your own worms or castings at Seans Garden in Pinehurst.