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Growing Asparagus – My First Season


Last spring (2016) I planted Asparagus as 3 year old crowns.  That first season they came up spriggy and I ignored them. I cut them back before winter.

This spring I saw my first edible shoot March 7.  It was an unusually warm winter.

young asparagus
First Asparagus of the Season

It’s now April 21 and I am still harvesting some stalks.  I planted a second row of Jersey Giant earlier in the spring which will add to the harvest next year.

The subtle flavor and sweetness of your own garden fresh asparagus makes it much better tasting than what you find in the grocery store.

I never watered this years edible harvest.  The rain was regular enough.  The aged horse manure and wood chips covering helped to maintain the moisture levels well.

Growing Notes

I will likely cover the asparagus beds in the future with cardboard topped with wood chips to control the moisture and try to keep the aggressive Bermuda grass under control.  Once the cardboard softens a bit, the asparagus pokes right through, while the grass takes a little longer.

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