Grafted Tomato Plants


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I graft many varieties of tomatoes each year.  This year I have planted them all, but I still have a few left.  You can choose from Carbon very tasty dark purple tomato and Brandywine, regarded by many to be the best (it’s pink and large).

Learn more the benefit of grafted plants.

Carbon Tomatoes

The fruit is smooth and large.  One of the prettier purple varieties with complex flavor that makes dark tomatoes famous.

Brandywine (Suddeth Strain)

A large potato leaf variety.  This pink tomato is one of my very favorites.  These do not normally yield a lot but when grafted they do much better.  I have had my biggest tomato from this plant at 2.5 lbs each.

The photo of my grafted Brandywine is a little purple due to the fact that they need repotting.  They will still grow very well.

Grafted Plant Care

DO  NOT Plant with soil touching above the graft line.  

Plant at the same depth that your purchased it (not deep)

Grafting clip will fall off on its own if present.

Avoid too much fertilizer – You already have a plant prone to grow leaves & roots so you could reduce fruit harvest

Prune off any growth below the graft line

Notes: Grafted plants are similar to grafted trees.  Strong root plant (part of plant under graft line) helps heirloom fruiting portion (above graft line) perform better than an ungrafted plant.  You can save seeds and the resulting plant will be the same as if it was ungrafted.  The fruit is not changed genetically.


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