Biological Soil Test


As a certified lab, I will assess your sample to identify and quantify the key microbes that make up the soil food web in your sample.

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A complete* soil foodweb biology analysis will be done to id, count, and quantify your sample’s population of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and protozoa.  You will receive a report showing total counts as well as the suitability for your sample to grow your desired crop.

  • Total Bacteria

  • Total Fungi

  • Fungal to Bacterial ratio

  • Actinobacteria Biomass

  • Oomycetes Biomass

  • Protozoa (Flagellates, Amoebae & Ciliates)

  • Nematodes (Bacterial, Fungal, Predatory & Root Feeding)

*While other labs may choose to offer separate reports of individual functional groups (nematode assessment for example), our comprehensive analysis is the best value and shows the full interaction between organisms needed for a healthy soil food web.

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